Never Been Promoted

R Blank: Navigating the Ever-Changing Business Landscape

November 23, 2023 Thomas Helfrich Season 1 Episode 10
Never Been Promoted
R Blank: Navigating the Ever-Changing Business Landscape
Never Been Promoted
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Show Notes

Do you want to build a thriving and sustainable business in today's ever-changing landscape? Are you searching for a solution that can help you achieve this desired outcome? Look no further! I have the answer you've been seeking. Join us as our guest, R Blank, shares the key to adapting and succeeding in the business world, allowing you to create a lasting impact and achieve long-term success.

About R Blank:
R Blank is the founder of Healthier Tech and the host of “The Healthier Tech Podcast”, available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major podcasting platforms.
R has a long background in technology. Previously, R ran a software engineering firm in Los Angeles, producing enterprise-level solutions for blue chip clients including Medtronic, Apple, NBC, Toyota, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, Ford, IKEA, and Mattel.
He has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and received his bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Columbia University. He has also studied at Cambridge University in the UK; the University of Salamanca in Spain; and the Institute of Foreign Languages in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

In this episode, Thomas and R Blank discuss how to:

  • Discover the key milestones of a successful entrepreneurial journey, and learn how to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Understand the importance of setting boundaries and implementing the Right to Disconnect legislation to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the fast-paced tech industry.
  • Learn effective strategies to find your first customers and build strong relationships that will sustain your business for the long term.
  • Explore the benefits of diversifying your revenue streams and discover how to create multiple income sources to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.
  • Tap into the power of networks and leverage available resources to accelerate your business growth and unlock new opportunities.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing Boundaries for Work-Life Balance

This concept echoes R's mission with Healthier Tech, underlining the necessity of preserving personal health and boundaries amidst the influence of technology in our lives.

  • Effective Strategies for Finding Customers

R Blank shared his strategies for finding customers for his businesses, which were rooted in leveraging existing networks and resources.

“Adaptability is key in the ever-changing business landscape. Embrace new technologies and explore innovative approaches to stay ahead of the curve." —  R Blank


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