Never Been Promoted

Technology Fatigue

September 07, 2023 Thomas Helfrich Season 1 Episode 5
Never Been Promoted
Technology Fatigue
Never Been Promoted
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Show Notes

Leverage technology wisely to scale your startup and avoid becoming a slave to your own business, as Thomas Helfrich, an expert in intelligent automation and AI systems, guides you through the ins and outs of navigating technology fatigue while accelerating growth.

In this episode, Thomas discusses how to:

  • Gain vital insights on harnessing technology as a means to spur the growth of your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Discover the key role artificial intelligence plays in modern businesses and how to utilize it effectively.
  • Learn to strike a balance between automation and the personal touch, particularly in B2B companies, to stimulate growth.
  • Find out how to combat technology fatigue and designate top priority to essential tools.
  • Understand the significance of synchronizing your technology with your business goals for ultimate success.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Harnessing technology for growth

As an enabler, technology can be used to simplify and automate redundant tasks, freeing up time for strategic decision-making and innovative ideation. 

  • The role of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be an entrepreneur's best ally, offering vast potential in automating tasks, generating insightful analytics, and augmenting human creativity. 

  • Balancing automation and personal touch

In the context of B2B companies, striking a balance between automation and maintaining a personal touch is paramount to the business's success. Initial introductions and relationship-building efforts need to be personalized and human-led to foster trust and credibility. 

“Technology is going to be your friend. Technology is going to enable you to go faster and make your life better and your business scalable. " —  Thomas Helfrich

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Hanz Jimuel Alvarez

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