Never Been Promoted

Thomas Helfrich: Let Them Go

August 31, 2023 Thomas Helfrich Season 1 Episode 4
Never Been Promoted
Thomas Helfrich: Let Them Go
Never Been Promoted
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Show Notes

Have you ever felt the ground shift beneath your feet, propelling you into the unknown? That's exactly what happened to me on the day I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. Little did I know, this path would lead me to a profound realization - sometimes, to grow, you have to let go. The bitter taste of bidding farewell to my old circle of friends, the frost numbing my emotions, it all seemed so daunting. But little did I know, these goodbyes were just the beginning of a story that would bloom with new relationships and fresh opportunities.

In this episode, Thomas discusses:

  • Embracing change and growth in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Moving forward by letting go of the past
  • Evolution of relationships during transitions
  • Adapting to unpredictability and valuing loyalty
  • Discovering opportunities through challenging changes

 Key Takeaways:

  • Explore how letting go can, paradoxically, be a growth lever in your entrepreneurial adventures.
  • Glean the subtle nuances of letting go in the professional sphere, and how it shapes your progress.
  • Peer into the potential new talent brings to your entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Delve into the world of strategies designed to manage and thrive amid professional transitions.
  • Grasp the necessity and value of greeting new chapters in your life with open arms, preparing you for a flourishing entrepreneurial path.

“Be ready to let go, be ready to let them go, and be prepared to open new worlds for yourself, new contacts, and a new life. " —  Thomas Helfrich

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Hanz Jimuel Alvarez

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