Never Been Promoted

Welcome to Never Been Promoted!

August 10, 2023 Thomas Helfrich Season 1 Episode 1
Never Been Promoted
Welcome to Never Been Promoted!
Never Been Promoted
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"Never Been Promoted: Unleash Your Entrepreneur" offers an intimate journey into the depths of the entrepreneurial spirit, where business isn't just about balance sheets, but a profound reflection of personal introspection, feelings, and the intricate balance of life's emotions. Inspired by the pivotal book, "Never Been Promoted | Unleash Your Entrepreneur - 50 Vital Lessons at the Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Life," this podcast is not only a guide for the entrepreneurially inclined but a reflection for anyone seeking meaning in both professional and personal spheres.

Thomas Helfrich, your host, delves beyond just the mechanics of building a business. He embarks on rich conversations with path-breaking founders, innovative entrepreneurs, insightful investors, and industry visionaries. Together, they unearth the profound effects of the entrepreneurial journey on one's psyche, emotions, family, and friendships. They share personal stories bursting with resilience, tenacity, sacrifices, and transformative experiences, all set against the backdrop of a relentless entrepreneurial drive.

Each episode is a window into the heart and soul of those who've ventured beyond convention, revealing the symbiotic relationship between personal growth, emotional challenges, and the enterprise they nurture. Whether you're a seasoned executive, an aspiring entrepreneur waiting for that breakthrough moment, or someone carving a distinct personal path, "Never Been Promoted: The Entrepreneurial Crossroads" shines a light on the emotional roller-coaster that entrepreneurship inevitably brings with it.

Engage in this evocative exploration of the entrepreneurial journey, understanding that it's more than just business; it's a deeply personal voyage, weaving stories, lessons, emotions, and passions into the tapestry of entrepreneurial success.

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Welcome to the never been promoted podcast with Thomas Helfrich. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as we uncover entrepreneurial journeys and life changing business insights every week. And now your host, Thomas. There's a single characteristic that I found in every entrepreneur. And one thing that comes through in every one of them is they have a deep seated need to be their own boss to control their own time. They hate chasing the dreams of others by working for them. And it's not a bad thing to work for people don't get me wrong. But when you're an entrepreneur, it's like a living hell, you do not want to work for other people, you want to chase your own dreams. Hi, I'm Thomas Helfrich. I'm the podcast host, but I'm also an entrepreneur as well. I'm the founder and CEO of instantly But I didn't start out there, I started off in the corporate world, likely like you. But since then I've learned a few things. And I've gone on this journey in the last few years on becoming an entrepreneur. And I would have loved to have the resources that I'm about to give to you in this podcast. This podcast is going to focus on the entrepreneurial journey. And there's three main phases of the entrepreneurial journey that we'll cover. It's the unraveling the unbounding and unleashing the first parts, the unravel this is when he ideate. What are you going to become what are you good at? What are you bad at? What do you think you could do? And what would you're going to have to do to get there, when you figure out what that is, you're going to move into the next phase of your entrepreneurship world, which is the unbounding. And this is where you make excuses. This is where you have challenges, roadblocks, people in your way, money challenges, I'm going to talk about getting through those obstacles, so you can get to the final stage is when you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. When you're out there, no safety net, it's your idea. It's your business. It's your team. It's your model, nothing holds you back. But you I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them through their entrepreneurial journey, I'm going to share real world examples that I've learned from other entrepreneurs and my own company, everything I'm gonna give you is going to be really tangible. It's going to be about the action, the lessons and the things that have been learned, the content that will create will be practical, it will help you meet you where you are in your journey where you are in the season of your entrepreneurial life. This is one of the most remarkable journeys I've ever been on my life, it's also been one of the hardest. There's an emotional roller coaster you go through daily, there are successes and failures you have to deal with. And there's lots of things you don't know your need to know how to do, from technology, to accounting, to reading, profit and loss sheets to customer service, all the things that you're going to have to go through, you'll put a new hat on when you become an entrepreneur and having a guide is what this podcast is about. Weekly, we're going to produce the show, I'm going to be doing some solo shows where I'm gonna use real life examples from my business maybe and from that week about what I've learned what I could have done differently and what you should do. I'll bring on experts in relative fields, as well as other entrepreneurs to share their stories. The whole goal and mission of this is to help every entrepreneur that listens to this become a better entrepreneur today and better at being an entrepreneur tomorrow to help them accelerate what their business is going to do for the world. To help them become the entrepreneur they want to help them unleash their entrepreneur into the world. This shows really for the entrepreneurial mindset. It doesn't matter if you're working for a company or not. If you're ever going to become an entrepreneur, or maybe you've already taken this step this is for you. This is to help you become better at what you want to become in your life. I want to help you be happier in your life, redefine what work means I want you to be up every morning excited to do what you set out to do in your life. We'll have some fun, some humor in the podcast, we'll use some great analogies and great interactions to tell these stories so you can learn from it. You entrepreneurs, you thinking of being coming the entrepreneur those already in the middle of the journey. I applaud you. The world needs more of you. And I'm so happy that you're joining me weekly for this adventure. Welcome to the never been promoted podcast. let's unleash your entrepreneur. Thanks for listening to never been promoted with Thomas Helfrich make sure to check the show notes for our guests contact information and any relevant links connect with Thomas personally at never been